Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thanks for helping with Strategic Planning Survey!

I would like to take this opportunity to let the community know the outcome of the Survey that South Huron Hospital Association distributed this past summer.  I think it is only fair that, if you are asked to participate, you are also informed of the results.

 Activity for the refreshing of our Strategic Plan began at the beginning of 2014.  A committee was struck of board members and staff to review our Mission, Vision and Value statements and to begin the process of identifying our strategic goals and actions for the next four to five years.

In order to do so, we prepared a survey to query our patients, the community in general, healthcare providers and our staff.   We wanted to find out what we are doing right, where our weaknesses lie, what opportunities exist and what our threats are.  During July and August we administered the survey to Exeter, Zurich, Grand Bend, Centralia, Hensall, etc ~ the whole South Huron Hospital Catchment area.

From the survey results, we found out some interesting facts.  For example:

§  76% of respondents did not know that we have a Pediatrician coming to South Huron Hospital Association every month.

§  81% didn’t know that there is an “Aging at Home Program” through our Affiliation with Grand Bend Area CHC.  People can self-refer to that program.

§  70% were unaware that we have services of a Clinical Dietitian if they need management of their nutrition.

§  81% were unaware that there is a psychiatrist who comes to SHHA on a monthly basis.

Overwhelmingly people told us that they understand what is being told to them at their medical visits, who exactly is taking care of them and that they are being treated respectfully by staff that is respectful of their privacy.  You told us you feel safe at SHHA.

 The people of our surrounding communities were passionate in their appreciation for having SHHA here in our rural area..

 Please be sure that we also heard your frustrations;

§  The need to get an appointment for care or certain test done when you want them

§  The need to get affordable transportation to medical care,

§  The need to have coordination of services between healthcare providers,

§  Delays in  getting appointments for diagnostic tests and with specialists for surgeries.

 We continued dialogue with our Board of Directors at the Strategic Planning Retreat this fall and continue to build the plan.  Look for its release early in 2014 where we will have a celebration to honour the past 62 years of SHHA, consider the present and talk about our plans for the future!
Heather Klopp
Interim CEO