Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Community Vitality

Community Wellbeing Week Display at SHHA.

Please take a moment to stop and read the display (on the main level near the elevator) provided to SHHA by our partner, the Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre, explaining what "Community Vitality" is.

During this Community Wellbeing week, the Focus is on the spoke on the wheel of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing known as "Community Vitality". 

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing which tells us about “The presence of the highest possible quality of life.  It talks about good living standards, robust health, a healthy environment, vital communities, educated population, balanced time use, high levels of democratic participation, and access to and participation in leisure and culture activities.

There are certain things that tell us just how VITAL our Community is.  The display asks us to think about such things as:
 * do people work well together in your community?
  * do you feel safe where you live?
    *do you feel like you belong?
      *do you trust the people in your community?

How can you and I contribute to the Vitality of our Community?